About me

Name: Ghiță Bizău (Gheorghe Bizău)
Nickname(s): GhitaB, Ghita B, ghitab, GhitaB27, ghitab27, Ghiță B., Ghiță
Date of birth: 27.03.1988
Nationality: Romanian
Location: Bihor, Romania

BS Degree in Informatics (Faculty of Science, Informatics, University of Oradea, Specialization: Informatics) - 2006-2009

- MS Degree in Mathematics (Faculty of Science, Mathematics, University of Oradea, Programme of study: Mathematics Applied in Computer Science) - 2009-2011

Job: Web developer

Hobbies: playing guitar, drawing, painting, photography, books, origami, blogging

Other: vegetarian, christian, tall (1.92 m), single

Check my timeline to see some photos with me in some moments of my life.
Here I have a list of my projects.
Also here you can listen to some of my recordings (guitar).

Contact me for more.


web developer, painter, guitarist, teacher

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