I want a car

I worked for 10 years now. 4 years as a teacher in Romanian schools, then 6 years as web developer.
For some reason I still have not my own car and this thing really makes me feel frustrated.

I start my each working day thinking I will have my car in 2-3 years from now if I will do my best.
And this is happening for at least 3 years now. I started to feel like I am lying to myself.

I use(d) to be calm, but this situation is not comfortable at all. I feel like a volcano going to erupt.
It's not the car, I just feel like I can't make true a simple dream. Then how can I set advanced goals if I keep failing here? And yes, I can't do my best with this continuous voice in my head, and I finish my day feeling guilty about that.

Yes, I have a plan for this:

1. Delete my history (I used to collect a lot of things, now I just get rid of them as most as I can, because I want to forget these 10 years - and keep only the good part of them.)
2. Stop buying things. (Survival mode activated. I have my own garden. So I stop buying clothes, food, books, tutorials, etc.)
3. Limit my availability. (My phone muted. My free time focused for my WIP projects.)
4. Stop traveling. (I already did. Haha. It's my default setting. But, I will be at home, working for my projects almost all the time.)
5. Limit my list of friends. (I don't use to ask for help, so I think a real friend will not include me as volunteer in his commercial projects for more than 1 hour / month. Or he will not ask to work his work when he just want to spend a great time while I'm busy with his project.)
6. Learn a lot, improve my skills. Use my time to read books, etc.
7. I will be opened to new projects I can work for, in any domain. Yes, I already fulfilled my dream to be a teacher, I already fulfilled my dream to be a web developer. My current dream is to buy a car and I will do it somehow. And I do not care how. It's my future, I will build it.

I want a car and I want it in 2020 if not sooner.

Let's say it will cost 10000 euros (I used to think a 2000 euros it's ok for me, but it was in 2015-2016, now I want a better one). I will start from 0, but because I wrote the plan I consider to be at 1%.

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